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Helping to maintain & improve Green Areas and bridle trails for intended use by residents, horses and hounds.


Indian Hill Green Areas and bridle trails have been at the heart of Village life since its founding nearly 100 years ago. In recent years, this invaluable gift,  generously donated by countless residents, has been threatened by invasive plants and trails are showing signs of wear.

The Trees & Trails Foundation is working with Village leaders, as well as partner organizations, to support the control and maintenance required to preserve this treasured resource for future generations.

Learn more about how to join our efforts throughout the site! 


Spread Awareness Of Our Mission 

Through our upcoming film, we raise awareness of the challenges in maintaining the trails and green space.

Visit & Maintain Beautiful Trails
The Indian Hill Equestrian Club routinely clears trails to assist the Village in maintaining bridle trails.

Post Lifelong Memories


Join other riders and IH residents who've enjoyed the miles of trails and majestic beauty of Indian Hill.

Sponsor Programs or Donate


Help fund our efforts to raise awareness or fund individual programs like invasive species removal. 


Trees & Trails is pleased to announce the release of A Legacy of Green – the History of Indian Hill’s Bridle Trails and Green Areas, which debuted May 21st, 2023 at the Livingston Lodge at a beautiful event hosted by our partner organization, the Indian Hill Historical Society. Please click here to be directed to the IHHS for more information on the IHHS, this successful event and other activities you may attend. 

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The film provides an illuminating history of the bridle trails and Green Areas and addresses some of the threats facing continued enjoyment of these resources, including environmental and economic factors. 

Image by Sharissa Johnson



In the early 1900s, Indian Hill was a checkerboard of small farms.  When the population shifted as city dwellers searched for fresh air and green areas, Indian Hill land began to transition.  Trees were planted, horse trails were created, and the roots were sown for today’s Green Areas.  Today, with the generosity of Indian Hill residents, over 3,500 acres have become a rich and diverse nature preserve that is unique in the Midwest.

Source: IHHS


“The Indian Hill bridle trails have always been close to my heart. I thank Trees and Trails Foundation for taking action and raising awareness on trail management including maintenance and the benefits the trails bring to our community, ensuring I can continue to make memories with my family here for years to come.”

- Pete, Indian Hill resident

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